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10 Ways to Improve Your Self Esteem

Everyone agrees it is a good thing to have positive self-esteem. You take on new projects, have a renewed enthusiasm, have more inner stability, and create opportunities for all the good things life brings.  You’ll be happier and more attractive to romantic interests. But how do you get there? There are some things you can […]

How to Find Yourself

People never tend to be sure where they lose themselves and what experiences that they have that cause them to feel lost or confused.  We have ups and downs and we forget to take time to be mindful of ourselves.  We forget to connect to ourselves and our universe and so we lack spiritually, emotionally […]

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Do you feel that you lack self-esteem?  Here are some ways that you can learn to challenge yourself and build your self-esteem. Get rid of bad thoughts. Self-care. Relax Set attainable goals. Help others. Look at things a different way. Try new adventures. Be with people that make you feel good about yourself. Self-acceptance. Find […]

How to combat self-loathing

If you have ever encountered self-loathing, self-hatred or low self-esteem, you might have had thoughts like “I hate myself.” “I’m not good enough.” “I don’t excel in everything I do.” It can be demoralizing to have these thoughts and can lead to serious depression or other mental problems. Are your self-hating thoughts problematic? We have […]