July 21, 2022
What is a Shadow Person and Why Notice Them?

A shadow person is a person that often have extra-terrestrial energies. They are shadows of who they used to be, and this can be guides or loved ones.

When you see shadow people, this means that you are more open to what is going on around you. These energies are good but if you don’t desire them then they will not be able to go against your free will.

What Does a Shadow Person Look Like?

People see shadow people when they go past their eyes such as out of the corner of their eyes. They can be an outline, or they can be:

  • Clear
  • Smoky
  • White
  • Soft
  • Smokey
  • Misty

There are different forms that the shadow people can manifest.

What Form do they Come in?

It takes a spirit a lot of energy to come to the earth. They are often seen as distorted, and they might only be seen as a mist.

Why Do Shadow People Come?

Shadow people are always there, and it can be that you are more sensitive than you used to be. Spirits can detect this and then when they find someone that is sensitive to them, they will reach out to them and try to communicate.


Do not be afraid of them and learn that they are not trying to hurt you. You are the one that has the power and if you ask them not to bother you, they will leave you alone. They are not negative like other people think they are.

Why See Them?

Not everyone can see shadow people and it all depends on how open a person is. This can be a natural gift that someone has. Some people will see them at night or when they are sleeping while others will see them out of the corner of their eye.

Some people can sense the spirits. There are different reasons why someone might start to notice a shadow person, and this can change as time goes on. The abilities that someone has might leave and come back and some will make positive changes so that they can see these things more.

A person that has a lot going on in their life will see their energy is changing and this can make them more or less aware of what is going on in the spirit world around them.

Since the planet is always shifting its energy, more people are getting aware of the spiritual world. This means that at certain times of the year, the moon and the stars are in different places, and this can make it easier to pick up on a shadow person.

People that have natural gifts are able to see new things and will be able to pick up on shadow people. Some people that are older see them too.

What to do if you See a Shadow Person

If you see a shadow person, don’t do anything. You can talk to it if you want but if you are worried about it, don’t. Just communicate with the intentions of good and of light.

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