Opening Your Olympic Spirit

In order to make it into the Olympics, people that are in sports will have to have the commitment, mindset, and determination to win. This is a hard experience, and it takes tons of sacrifice.

Not many people are able to reach inside and really grab onto that commitment and determination. Even if you have a will to do something, you have to really have inspiration and motivation and with that will get what you want. You can use that same Olympic motivation in your regular life to be successful.

Imagine Your Success

It is easy to imagine your success and many athletes are able to do this to get what they want. Imagine that you are at a job interview, and you are able to win over the person hiring you. When you are working towards your goals in life, you need to take time each day to imagine your success.

Think about what you want and imagine it being real. Be detailed in your thoughts and notice how it feels, how it smells and what you can see. Once you can do this, imagine yourself being a champion.

Take Charge of Your Goals

Being overworked and tired can make it hard for you to reach your goals. Remember what you are doing and why you are doing it.

You aren’t doing something because you are being told that you need to, you aren’t doing it for your family, your parents, the people at your job or anyone but you. You are the one that is setting the goals and you need to be the one that makes the choices to reach these goals.

Once you know that you are making the choices and you aren’t being forced, you can face the challenges in front of you and reach your goals.

Love Getting There as Much as Getting It

People in the Olympics have to be motivated to work through their training and to work towards reaching the win. They don’t just practice once and then achieve their goals. They have to train and work hard and keep pushing no matter what they feel.

Look at hard work as a goal and as a treasure. Once you are satisfied with how hard you work to reach your goal, you will see that your motivation can make the hard work fun and exciting.

See Your Progress

Each time you work hard, you are working towards your goals. Even taking small steps will get you there at some point or another. Things don’t work instantly, and you need to make sure that you are taking action to get what you want in the future.

Maybe you are deciding to reach out to someone to help make your goals strong. The small things that you do move you towards your end goals. Feel good about the progress that you make even when it is small.

Be Positive

Being positive can help you to see that good things are going to happen for you. Make sure that you have an attitude as a winner and not an attitude as a loser. Stop saying, “never” and embrace that good things can happen for you.

Having a good attitude is what makes you a champion. When people describe themselves as winners, they are normally positive and strong.

Stop Comparing

Don’t focus on what other people are doing but focus on what you are doing. You can’t be in control of everyone around you and you have to stop comparing yourself to them. Being in competition with what everyone else is doing puts them in control and not you.

Focus on doing your best and feeling good about what you are doing. Put your competitive spirit out of your mind and do the performance that works for you. Think about how you can progress in your life and move forward.

Find a Coach

The best sports people don’t work on their own. They have a coach and a team that is there to support them. They have a workout coach, a nutritionist and then a performance coach. Their support group helps to get them moving in the right direction.

You can be your own support network and you can find people that will be in your corner. Talk to your friends, family, children, partner, and others and find out how they can help to motivate you and keep you going strong.

Break Down Your Goals

Break your goals down into small steps. Even if you have a big goal, break it down into smaller goals where you can take small steps to reach your journey. As you reach these steps, you will see that you are closer and closer to your end goal.


Prepare for times that are hard. Not everything is going to be easy and not everything is going to land in your lap. You will have to work hard, and this is okay.

It is okay to work hard and even to fail sometimes. When you fail though, pick yourself up and try again. You can cope better if you are positive even in your failures. This is hard but you can do that.

Create a Stress Focus

Whenever you start to get stressed, find something healthy to focus on. Maybe you have an important job that you need to complete, and you are at a point where you are getting stressed. Instead of focusing on this stress, focus on the things that you have accomplished and the goals that you have set for yourself.

Give yourself a hand when you progress through things and when you are able to combat the stress that comes to your life.

Final Thoughts

You can embrace your Olympic spirit and you can use it to help you live your best life and to reach each and every goal that you set.

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