Boosting Your Mood with Positive Habits

Being positive in your life can be hard but the good news is that there are small habits that you can do to help you to be more connected and to help you to have more self-compassion. You can learn to recharge in your life and to boost your mood with habits that give you joy and peace.

Playing with Your Pet

If you have a pet, this is one way that you can boost your mood. Pet your dog or let your cat chase a string. Do things that helps you to laugh and have joy. Your pet can bring you joy and peace and can help you to laugh when times are hard.


Keep a folder that has good things in it that you can read. Find positive things that are motivating and happy. Ask friends to write notes to put in the folder and read them when you need a boost in your mood.

Dance Party

Have yourself a dance party right in your living room. Doing this can make you laugh and make you have fun. This can refuel your energy and give you peace.


Find something new to cook. This can keep your creative juices flowing and bring you joy when you sit down to try new foods.

Introduce Yourself

Meet new people each day. Be thankful for the people in your life and when you meet someone new, introduce yourself in a fun way. Let them get to know you and find out more about them.


Going for a walk can boost your energy and your mood. Go out in the sunlight and walk and be out in nature. See a fresh perspective in your life and in your day.

Sing a Song

Sing something or listen to music that boosts your mood. This can be a love song or a song that is fast and fun. You can even try classical music.


Go online and watch funny or heartwarming videos. Find ones that make you laugh and ones that make you feel happiness.

Candle Burning

Light a candle and take time to watch the flame. Enjoy looking at the candle burn and think about your day and how you can improve your life.

Smell Something

Smell a flower or something yummy in your kitchen. Have herbs that you can smell and that you can hold on to. This can boost your mood and help you to appreciate nature.

Use Your Senses

Let your senses go wild. Think about what you are smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling, and tasting. Go out where you can find all of those things and let your mood be calm.

Joy Triggers

Write down things that bring you instant joy. When you are feeling down, do some of the things on your list.


Donate things out of your house that you no longer need. This can get rid of clutter and make you feel good for helping others.


Go out and work in the garden or go out and sit under a tree. You can see that there is so much to look at and so much joy in the nature around you. Let this sooth your spirit and let your life be full of enjoyment.

Be mindful about the things that you do in your day that can boost your mood and help you to feel better about your life.

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