Learn to Overcome Your Fear of Failing

Everyone wants to be successful, but the truth is that even successful people have had big failures. There are people that are famous such as Michael Jordan who became a famous basketball start but yet he was cut from his team during his sophomore year and other famous people that have become very successful, after their failures.

It isn’t about failing that we have to worry about because failing means you are trying. There is no reason to be ashamed of a failure because this is the necessary part of life that makes you successful. Letting fear of failure holding you back is not a winning situation and you must learn to embrace yourself and accept that failure is possible, just to move on.

If you are one of those people that want to make it in life, you are probably one that has heard many different quotes about being successful and never giving up. Failing is not something that should scare you or make you feel bad, but it is the way that you find success.

Even if you fear failure, you have to realize that with fear comes self-doubt and negativity that will cause you to think others around you are better than you and will cause you not to be able to reach your goals.

Your fears can become reality if you allow them to take over your life. You will see that with fear, you procrastinate more, and you have a harder time reaching your goals.

Instead of making a list of people that have been successful after they have failed, you have to learn inside of yourself what it takes you to overcome your own fear.

The best thing that you can do in your life is to figure out a plan to overcome your fear. You need to stop doubting who you are and realize that you have goals, and you can face your future head on.

Here are some ways to embrace life and take fear head on:

Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is nothing new and we have all heard this. If you are someone that has been in a situation where you have had to face your fear, you know that there is a chance that you will be rejected and that you will have pain and suffering from doing just that.

When you fear being rejected, you realize that this is holding you back. It causes you to feel trapped and to feel that you are protecting your heart by not making a move.

Instead of letting the fear of rejection haunt you, learn to accept rejection. Ask people for things and put yourself out there until you get tough. No matter how many times someone tells you no, ask someone else.

Write down each time you are rejected and the more you face it, the less you will be fearful. Go out and allow people to reject you and you will see that you will no longer have to face a fear of this. You will change the way that you allow your mind to see rejection and you will see that it is just a situation and not a lifestyle.

Worrying about rejection can cause you to miss out on good things in your life, relationships and career. Learn to change your mindset on being rejected and figure out how you can accept rejection as a learning lesson and not a failure.

Learn to be creative with what you have and embrace your inner self. Talk to people, ask people out, do whatever you can and see if life is full of fun or rejection and if it is rejection that you see, embrace it and learn from it.

Make it Real

You have to realize that fear is not just a voice or a doubt. This is something that you have to learn to get over and live with. Allow your fear to come out and see what it has to offer you.

Stop letting worry and fear take over your mind and learn to externalize your fear. If you are always hearing the voice in your head that makes you fearful of failure, talk to it, put a name or a face to it.

Learn to have enough of this and change the way that you see your fear. Go and write yourself a letter and write down your fears and what is holding you back. Let your anxieties come out in your letter.

If you are afraid of looking stupid, write yourself a letter. See how your anxiety looks on paper and see how effective it is when you give it a face.

Once you realize that you are better than your fear, you will see that you have wasted a lot of time being afraid of something that was nothing. You will even find humor in it later.

Put a personification of every fear thing that comes to your mind. When you have thoughts that repeat over and over again, learn to control your thoughts and to not let your fear take over.

When you are full of doubt and fear, put the thoughts in a distance of you. Write down what your thoughts are and see why you are being negative with them.

Ignore Your Fear

You have to let go of your expectations and what you expect others to say about you. Learn to talk to yourself and to put things in your heart.

Love each other and learn to love who you are and stop judging yourself so harshly all the time. Stop comparing who you are to others and be the best that you can be.

If you need to, write down what you are doing that is trying to meet the expectations of others. What ways are you experiencing your life that you are allowing others to control you? What are you doing that meets their needs but isn’t meeting your own needs?

Stop judging who you are and make a conscious decision to ignore your fear and to be the best person that you can be. Learn to ignore the fear and to survive and to focus on what you are doing to live a better life.

Choose to ignore fear and to be productive in your everyday being. Stop being negative with yourself and stop setting your expectations on what other people want.

Take time to drink tea, get up early, spend less time online, write down things that make you stressed and say positive things to yourself. Use positive affirmations and focus on your own list of things that you need to get done.

Never expect to get everything done in one day and know if you don’t that its okay. If you give yourself too much, you will begin to procrastinate, instead, do your list one at a time and be gentle with yourself when you don’t get as much done as you wanted to.

There are so many ways that you can overcome your fear of failure. Learn to embrace it, face it, make it real and even ignore it. If none of these strategies work, find one that works for you and do it until you can move on and have a better life.

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