You might have a problem being the real you everyday because sometimes you have to put on a different face, such as going for a job interview or meeting new people that you have to be overly friendly to.

This doesn’t mean that you should not be as authentic as you can and that most of the time you shouldn’t be the real you.

Life can be scary and being yourself can lead you to being vulnerable. When you are one with yourself and you are doing things on your own, it can let others see who you really are and can open up the possibility of rejection. This can be scary.

This doesn’t mean that being the real you are impossible. You have to become confident and learn to allow yourself to have boundaries. You have to live your journey and make an effort to be the best you can be.

You Make Yourself Cringe

If you are one person that feels weird about things, then you might lay in bed and go over all of the weird things you did that day. Maybe you were not really your real self because you are embarrassed about who you are.


It is normal to feel awkward here and there. You will never always be comfortable fully in your life. Listen to what you hear in your head because everyone has struggles.

Everyone has a hard time being their real self and you aren’t alone.


If you act like someone else and you find that you are resentful, that is why. One thing is that you need to be authentic so that you can say and do what you want in your life. If you tend to act like everyone else, it will catch up to you and you will resent that you act that way.

People Misunderstand You

People will misunderstand you and when you aren’t being your real self, people do not know who you really are.

You might feel that people see you as someone different than what is inside of you and so you need to be real with yourself and others.


Maybe you want to put a show on for others and this might make you feel that you need to escape things such as your social surroundings.

When you are real and who you are meant to be, you will have to spend less time trying to escape your life.

Comfort Zone

People need to learn who they are and if you feel that you can’t do this because people expect you to be something else, you are not being your real self.

If you want something and you do things out of character, you might be worried about what other people think about you. Stop caring what people think and do what you want.

Speaking and Thinking

You might be someone that has to always think twice before you speak because what you blurt out might be the real you.

Make sure you voice your opinions but that you aren’t hurting others along the way.


When you are trying to be someone else, chances are that you want to be perfect, and you feel that you have to be that person.

No one is going to have a perfect life, no matter who you choose to be.

Life Doesn’t Feel Good

When you have things, you want in life you will feel that you are good but when you are always acting like someone else, you will not have a chance to know if you fit in or not.

Letting Yourself Down

It is okay to be nervous and to be stressed. You might have a good idea and be afraid to share it and you always feel like you let yourself down.

When you hide your feelings, and you choose to not be you then you will miss all kinds of opportunities that come your way.

Ask Others for Decision Making

When you aren’t being your real self, you turn to others to make decisions that you should make. Asking for advice is one thing but when you are always wanting others to make decisions for you, you need to step up and listen to what you want and need.

Take Forever to Decide

You might also be one of those people that take forever to decide things. This can be because you are busy or because you have other things that you have to take care of for someone else.

Avoiding Conflict

You might repress what you want to say so that you can please other people or so that you don’t have to face an argument. No one wants to have conflict but if you need to tell someone like it is, do it.

Real You

If people are always calling you things that you aren’t such as thinking you are not approachable or you are snotty, this can mean that you aren’t showing who you really are.

This might be that you are afraid to open up or afraid to offend someone but that is not being your real self.

You Make Yourself Sick

You keep faking yourself through life and you get to the point where you are suffering in your mind and your emotions. It might be time for you to talk to a counselor and tell them what you are feeling.

If you are refusing to live a life based on who you are, you need to speak to someone because this is not healthy. Learn to live an authentic life and to be comfortable with who you are.

Whether we want to face it or not, change is inevitable. Just as change is bound to come, so is the uncertainty that follows. Uncertainty is uncomfortable and strange because we are in unfamiliar territory and have no clue what will come next. The good news is we can see uncertainty as a recognizable stage in moving from the familiar to the unknown and then to where you are supposed to be. Even if the change was somewhat anticipated, there is often a sense of loss. Without being able to rely on the familiar, we may feel out of control. This is what causes the uncertainty and makes you question whether the change is really what should happen or it is best to stay with familiar situations.

What tends to come next is a feeling of discomfort, uneasiness, and even anxiety. This is the critical phase in which you must make a decision on whether to retreat back in fear or move on to the next stage. If you go through the change, you will eventually gain insight and understanding of why it was necessary. The point being that having a sense of what to expect and understanding the process and emotions, even if they are uncomfortable, is normal and will keep you moving in the right direction. Ultimately, the reason for change will be made clear and a sense of control will again be restored. So now the question becomes, how do you live with what you do not yet know? The tips below will help with dealing with the uncertainty.

Uncertainty is Certain

There is nothing in life that does not have a bit of uncertainty attached. Sometimes, the uncertainty can stick around for quite a while before resolving. You can never know how everything will unfold, even when you feel totally sure about the outcome. People tend to get caught up in things lasting forever, but most times they do not. Being aware that change may occur can help you cope when they do. This does not mean living in fear of things changing and ending, but being prepared that it is a possibility. This can leave you more flexible and resilient when a change occurs.

Focus on What You Can Control

Even when change and uncertainty come, there are parts of life that will remain reliable and stable. Identify the aspects you have control of and use them to build the rest of your life around, like a framework. Establish a daily routine that helps you move through a day. Using these habits will help you feel grounded when other things change. The routine is a safety net that will help you keep from feeling like you are in a freefall. In addition to a routine, create moments that bring you joy and happiness. There is no point in sitting around terrified of what may change in the future. The future will sort itself, so stay positive that all will work out.

Embrace the Possibilities

Sometimes change and the outcomes of that change are specific, but often, change brings out opportunities and options. Suspend your expectations because being too specific about what should happen is rarely realistic. When you expect a particular outcome, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration when they work out differently. When you open yourself up to many possibilities, you prevent attachment to a narrowly lived life. As you open up to new possibilities, you are also exploring new aspects of yourself.

Watch Your Thoughts

Thoughts are things, not inherently good or bad. They are neutral in themselves, but the emotions you attach to them will determine how you feel about a given situation and your overall reaction. We are often programmed to feel a certain way because we have seen others express certain emotions in a similar situation. Some people see change and uncertainty as an opportunity to embrace, while others view it as a challenge to overcome. Still others may see it as a catastrophe that must be avoided. We must remember that emotions and reactions are different things. Acknowledge your feelings, but keep them at a realistic level. There is no point in making yourself sick over an outcome that is only imagined. If it helps, consider the worst-case scenario and how you would get through it, then know you can survive, even if the worst happens.

Don’t Let Fear Take Control

Fear is a loaded term that carries great weight in our psyche. Sometimes, even the idea of fear can leave us mentally uncomfortable and emotionally, physically, and psychologically destroyed. However, fear is a normal emotion that serves as a protective mechanism. It is what we assign to it emotionally that makes it larger than life. Fear can be paralyzing is you allow it to rule your life. It can cause us to stop trying, achieving, or changing. If you avoid all fear, you will also deprive yourself of many experiences. Fear of the uncertain prevents us from living fully because we simply exist. You may feel secure, but life becomes boring.

Surround yourself with those who are supportive and caring when change and uncertainty comes. As you wait for things to calm down, reduce your stress levels through meditation, self-care, and fun or creative projects.

Everyone wants to be successful, but the truth is that even successful people have had big failures. There are people that are famous such as Michael Jordan who became a famous basketball start but yet he was cut from his team during his sophomore year and other famous people that have become very successful, after their failures.

It isn’t about failing that we have to worry about because failing means you are trying. There is no reason to be ashamed of a failure because this is the necessary part of life that makes you successful. Letting fear of failure holding you back is not a winning situation and you must learn to embrace yourself and accept that failure is possible, just to move on.

If you are one of those people that want to make it in life, you are probably one that has heard many different quotes about being successful and never giving up. Failing is not something that should scare you or make you feel bad, but it is the way that you find success.

Even if you fear failure, you have to realize that with fear comes self-doubt and negativity that will cause you to think others around you are better than you and will cause you not to be able to reach your goals.

Your fears can become reality if you allow them to take over your life. You will see that with fear, you procrastinate more, and you have a harder time reaching your goals.

Instead of making a list of people that have been successful after they have failed, you have to learn inside of yourself what it takes you to overcome your own fear.

The best thing that you can do in your life is to figure out a plan to overcome your fear. You need to stop doubting who you are and realize that you have goals, and you can face your future head on.

Here are some ways to embrace life and take fear head on:

Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is nothing new and we have all heard this. If you are someone that has been in a situation where you have had to face your fear, you know that there is a chance that you will be rejected and that you will have pain and suffering from doing just that.

When you fear being rejected, you realize that this is holding you back. It causes you to feel trapped and to feel that you are protecting your heart by not making a move.

Instead of letting the fear of rejection haunt you, learn to accept rejection. Ask people for things and put yourself out there until you get tough. No matter how many times someone tells you no, ask someone else.

Write down each time you are rejected and the more you face it, the less you will be fearful. Go out and allow people to reject you and you will see that you will no longer have to face a fear of this. You will change the way that you allow your mind to see rejection and you will see that it is just a situation and not a lifestyle.

Worrying about rejection can cause you to miss out on good things in your life, relationships and career. Learn to change your mindset on being rejected and figure out how you can accept rejection as a learning lesson and not a failure.

Learn to be creative with what you have and embrace your inner self. Talk to people, ask people out, do whatever you can and see if life is full of fun or rejection and if it is rejection that you see, embrace it and learn from it.

Make it Real

You have to realize that fear is not just a voice or a doubt. This is something that you have to learn to get over and live with. Allow your fear to come out and see what it has to offer you.

Stop letting worry and fear take over your mind and learn to externalize your fear. If you are always hearing the voice in your head that makes you fearful of failure, talk to it, put a name or a face to it.

Learn to have enough of this and change the way that you see your fear. Go and write yourself a letter and write down your fears and what is holding you back. Let your anxieties come out in your letter.

If you are afraid of looking stupid, write yourself a letter. See how your anxiety looks on paper and see how effective it is when you give it a face.

Once you realize that you are better than your fear, you will see that you have wasted a lot of time being afraid of something that was nothing. You will even find humor in it later.

Put a personification of every fear thing that comes to your mind. When you have thoughts that repeat over and over again, learn to control your thoughts and to not let your fear take over.

When you are full of doubt and fear, put the thoughts in a distance of you. Write down what your thoughts are and see why you are being negative with them.

Ignore Your Fear

You have to let go of your expectations and what you expect others to say about you. Learn to talk to yourself and to put things in your heart.

Love each other and learn to love who you are and stop judging yourself so harshly all the time. Stop comparing who you are to others and be the best that you can be.

If you need to, write down what you are doing that is trying to meet the expectations of others. What ways are you experiencing your life that you are allowing others to control you? What are you doing that meets their needs but isn’t meeting your own needs?

Stop judging who you are and make a conscious decision to ignore your fear and to be the best person that you can be. Learn to ignore the fear and to survive and to focus on what you are doing to live a better life.

Choose to ignore fear and to be productive in your everyday being. Stop being negative with yourself and stop setting your expectations on what other people want.

Take time to drink tea, get up early, spend less time online, write down things that make you stressed and say positive things to yourself. Use positive affirmations and focus on your own list of things that you need to get done.

Never expect to get everything done in one day and know if you don’t that its okay. If you give yourself too much, you will begin to procrastinate, instead, do your list one at a time and be gentle with yourself when you don’t get as much done as you wanted to.

There are so many ways that you can overcome your fear of failure. Learn to embrace it, face it, make it real and even ignore it. If none of these strategies work, find one that works for you and do it until you can move on and have a better life.

People are often looking for someone to love them, but they forget that they need to love themselves first.

Maybe you have been with someone and your relationship started to go sour and you realized that you know nothing about love, and you know nothing about loving who you are.

You might find sadness about your relationship and wonder why it didn’t work out, but the truth is, you need to understand love.

People Loving Us

Maybe you grew up in a family where it was hard for you to feel loved by your parents. If you did feel love, maybe it was unhealthy. Did you have a family that would call you names or embarrass you when you did something wrong? Maybe your parents weren’t around during your successes.

Chances are you grew up in a home with physical punishment and when you did something wrong you would get the belt, or you would get spanked. This may have happened to you when you were disobedient or when you did things wrong.

This could have left you with both physical and emotional scars. When you later chose love, you may have found someone else that was as messed up in love as you were. You knew that love was hard and painful, and you wondered if you could really ever love someone else.

Maybe you have spent your life feeling unloved but here are some ways you can work through that:

Be Kind to Yourself

You need to learn to love yourself and to be kind. Stop being so hard on yourself and learn to say things that help you to feel better.

Feel positive about yourself and focus on the things that you are good at. Stop hating yourself and learn to be gentle and kind with yourself.

Be Loving to Others

Even if others have shown you hate or hurt you, learn to love and be compassionate to others. You can show kindness to everyone you meet, and this will help you to have more love for yourself.

Once you feel love for yourself, you will have peace in your life, and you will be able to interact with others in a healthy way.

Take a Break

Take time to look at yourself and realize that you are not going to be perfect and that no one is ever going to be perfect. You have to learn to love yourself through your flaws and your mistakes.

By being willing to accept that you are not perfect, you will see that you can love yourself and when you mess up, not judging who you are.

Embrace You

Take time to be comfortable with who you are. Stop judging yourself and do not be fearful of things that you cannot change.

Figure out how to be comfortable with who you are. Discover who you are and learn to heal from your past hurts.

If you need to, talk to a therapist to help you or find a friend that you can trust. When you learn to understand what is inside of you, you can realize that your past did not have to be who you are today.

Be Thankful

Even if your life is hard, learn to be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for the many blessings that happen in your life each day.

Write down what makes you thankful and write down things that you are thankful for each day or say them out loud.

Serve Others

Take time to help others and volunteer your time to help people around you. When you do this, you will feel better about how you are.

Find small and big things to do that can help your community or someone around you. The more love you give to others the more purpose you will see that you have.

You do not have to worry about being complete, you are whole, and you are amazing. Do what makes you happy and brings love in your life.

People will sometimes feel like giving up in life, especially when things become hard or overwhelming. When you invest time in a relationship or a goal and you feel that it is not going to work out, you might find that you become sad and discouraged and you want to give up and quit.

Why Do We Do It?

Our brains are made so that when we want to give up, we can do it easily because we expect things should be instant. We do things so that we can have them happen when there is no delay and when we want something to happen, we want it now.

Our brains help to reward us when we get what we want now and this is something that was part of survival, even in the ancient times. When we were not getting what we wanted immediately, it brings about feelings of anxiousness and stress.

Giving up is something that can seem normal and if you have been disappointed because of a failure or a trial, you need to know that you need to keep pushing on.

Giving Up Early

Even though we want things to be given to us now, many people have worked for a long time and failed over and over again and right when they decided to give up, they were able to reach their goals. If they had chosen to give up instead of to keep pushing, they would have never succeeded.

People that own businesses or those that go after a business venture might feel that their ideas are worthless if they don’t work right away, but if they keep pushing, chances are they will see success. Even people such as Walt Disney have had to fail multiple times before his goal was reached.

If you give up now, you might miss out on something great happening to you.

What to Do When You Want to Give Up

There are some things that you can do and ways you can push yourself when you want to give up.

Where it Started

You need to take a minute when you are about to give up and think about the beginning of the project or the relationship or what ever you are trying to achieve and then look at you now. You will see that in the beginning things were easier, but you had to deal with harder things along the way.

If you give up and go back to the beginning, you will miss out on all the fight that you had throughout the situation and where you are now.  Take a minute to recall your purpose and to know what you are meant to be doing.

Why Give Up?

Take time out of your day to figure out why you are so overwhelmed and why you really want to give up. Is it because you are mentally or physically tired? Do you feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself or your family?  Do you not have others that are supporting you or do you feel that you are up against things that you cannot win against?

There are different reasons why people want to give up in life and you need to figure out what your issues are and learn to take care of them. Find out why you are feeling a certain way and learn to handle it before you give up.


Remember that you need to think about what the end result will and keep moving towards it. Don’t stop in the middle and keep going until you win.

Whenever you want to give up, remember how great it will feel when you are victorious in what you are trying to achieve and think about the times you have already fought so hard.


Before you decide to embark on anything, make sure that you have a written-out plan. Make a list or do a chart or draw up a blueprint. Whatever you do, make sure that you have a plan that you can look at when you feel that you are frustrated and done.

Have the plan always in the back of your mind and this will help you to keep pushing forward.


Find people in your life that will support you in what you want to do. Find co-workers or friends that you can talk to or talk to someone online that will help you when you feel like you have had enough.

There are many people that are struggling just like you are and all you have to do is find someone that can help keep you moving forward.


Be thankful for what you have already accomplished. Maybe you have been struggling lately but what about all of the good things that have come to you so far. Be thankful for these things and keep them in the back of your mind.

When you want to give up, make a list of things that you are thankful for and learn to change your thinking on the positive things instead of the negative things. You will see that this will make a difference in your thinking.


No matter how little the accomplishment is, take time to celebrate it. This will help you to feel like reaching further and progressing on in your outcome. You will see that you are working hard, and you are moving on the right path. Keep going until you reach the end.


Make sure that you put motivational quotes on your phone, on your desk or anywhere that you are that you need reminded about not giving up. This will give you a visual and something you can read out loud when you are feeling bad or low.

Remember to always stay motivated and to reach hard without quitting and you will see that you will eventually reach your goal.

Have you felt that you had a battle with your children where you have had to argue with them or deal with their never-ending tantrums so that you and your child could both grow, and you could motivate them to have a positive relationship with you and with others?

Children, just like adults, have to have skills and they have to have a positive mindset so that they can live a healthy life. Even though students always make mistakes, just like adults, by building good habits, they can learn to approach life with a positive manner.

Correcting a child in public can cause them to feel shameful or cause them to feel that they are negative, and they are not good enough. Shaming a child at home will also cause them to have negative feelings and it is unhealthy for them.

When They Do Things Right

Instead of always catching your child when they are doing things wrong, always try to catch them when they are doing things right. When you do this, you are not having to correct them, but you are reinforcing their positive behavior.

The more you catch them doing great things, the more you are able to praise them and raise them up and then when you have to correct them for their negative behavior it will not cause them to have emotional problems.

You need to make sure that you use positive words when you talk to your child and the energy will flow through them from where you send it. If you send positive energy, it will fill them with positivity and the same is with negative energy.

Start paying attention to the good things that your child does and point them out. Doing this will build good energy and will make you have a better relationship with them.

Being a parent is never easy but when you are trying to train your child, it can be even harder. Learn to give them power and choice and build them up.


Stop giving your children ultimatums or threatening to take things away and give them choices. Help them to learn that they can make good choices and that they can be better.

When you give your child ultimatums, you are controlling them, and it will make them feel that you are power hungry. Give them choices so that they can stay in control and make the best choice, and this will help them to appreciate your instructions.

Maybe they will get something done that you asked them but if they have a choice to do it and they make the right choice; it will help them to feel that they did something good.

Allow their opinions to mean something and when they do, they will have a healthy relationship with you. Offer them food choices and offer them which day on the weekend that they want to clean or do their homework.

When you do this, you have a strategy to keep your child happy and to train them to be better people with a positive outlook on life. This will make all the difference in what kind of relationship that you have and if it is positive or negative.

What You Do

Your kids will watch you and learn to behave and act like you act. They will have the same kind of attitude that you have, and they will pick up the same manners that they see.

You might think this is so cute at first until they start showing your negative behaviors. You will have to learn to pay attention to what you are saying at home and how you are acting, or you will see that your children will repeat your behavior. When you make a mistake, admit it, and point it out so that your child sees that you are being responsible.

Do not tell them to stop acting like you but instead change your own mindset and attitude so that you can build confidence and show your child how to act positively. Learn to build their self esteem and to show them excellence in their life.

We can all improve our lives and when we are a model for our children, we will want to be the best role model that we can be.

Making Life Great

There is no one way that you can motivate your child to be better but if you learn to have rewards that are not things, you will see that this kind of reward will be more exciting to your child.

Learn to praise your children when they do something right instead of giving them things. Learn to spend time showing them how good they did and reward them with praise and with attention.

You can give your child something if they have done something that deserves it but if you want to reinforce good behavior then you need to make sure that you are telling them what they are doing right, and you are letting them earn something like being able to pick where you eat out or what you have for dinner.

When you catch your kid doing something right, you need to have a reward ready for them right then. You can give them something like let them stay up a few minutes later or give them something like a pass on their chores.


You will need to have more than just a book to learn how to raise your children because being a parent is not easy. When you look at yourself, you can see where your motivation towards your children has come from.

Have you done your best in lifting them up and showing them how much you love them? Have you taken a positive approach in motivating them and showing them what they mean to you? Be positive and allow your children to follow suit.

Having dreams is important but it can also cause you to have problems with your relationships at home. There are ways that you can balance your life at home and your career.

Having a good relationship can be hard and if you are married but you have a job, you might want to reach your career goals, and this can cause problems in your relationship.

If you don’t have time to finish what is going on around your house, you might not be able to find time to spend with your partner. You need them to be there to support you and to help you in your career and you can be successful to balance both.

Here are some ways:

Value Them

Make sure that you love and value your partner. This doesn’t mean you have to love them more because they make more money, just value them because you love them. They are there to support you in your life and you should be there for them.

The more you see them of value, the more they will see you as valuable and the better you will get along. Find things you can do together and support each other. You can be better together.


Take time to schedule dates that you can take. This can help you to focus on your relationship and can make a foundation that is strong. The more you can disconnect some from your job and spend it with your partner, the better your relationship will be.

Always make time for them and you will be surprised how close this can make you.

What You Want

It can seem like your partner should know everything about you, but we never know each other’s desires. You have to learn to tell them what you want, and they need to tell you. This can cause passion in the relationship.

Instead of encouraging each other to have their own desires, learn to find out what your partner likes and what they want. Find out if they are happy in their life including their emotions and their sex life. Take time to get away with each other and the more you ask of them, the more they will give you.


Take time to find out what you are passionate about and go after it. Spend time with your partner but also spend time with yourself. Find new things that you like to do and try to make sure you devote time with your partner.

No matter what hobbies you like, talk to your partner, and find out things you both like to do. Go out and do them and grow. Let your partner have self-growth and you have self-growth, and you will see that you can have as many possibilities as possible in your life that you want.

Have time to do things that you love and do not get mad if your partner decides that he wants to go out and hang out with his friends. The closer that you two become, the more trust there will be and the more that you will want to spend time doing things together.

Having a partner and a job are two things that you can learn to balance and enjoy both of them. Never neglect one for another and never give up on your partner on your career journey.

Everyone strives for happiness and they want to have peace inside. This might see something that is not possible in your life and in the things, you are going through at the present. There is no real time or no right time for you to find happiness but everyday is the right time for you to strive for this life.

If you want to bring yourself peace and happiness, you do not have to just try, you can actually make this happen.

You will need to embrace changes and get rid of negative things in your life to reach this new lifestyle.

Happiness Does Not Depend on Circumstances

Having things does not bring you happiness and money cannot buy it. This might bring you peace and happiness for a moment, but the real happiness has to come from inside of you. No matter what your circumstances are, you can find peace and love through being with people that love you, finding a hobby that you enjoy and doing things you love to do.

Being Positive

When you think about the way to have a better life instead of the problems you have, you can see things from a different light. You will then choose to succeed instead of failing and you will be successful in your life.

Let your past go and focus on your present and having a good attitude.


Do you fear things in your life like not having enough or losing out on something? Fear and worry will cause you to be unhappy and when you dwell on them, you lose your place of peace.

Never let negative thoughts hold you back and stop worrying about things that you cannot change. Take action and let good things change you.

Do It

Instead of talking about things, do them. Do not be passive and do not be afraid to strive for what you want.

Let your challenges make you stronger and no matter what happens, do not let life hold you back.

Change Things You Don’t Like

Make the choice to change things that you do not like in your life or things that are not helping you to be better. There are things that you can change in your life such as:

  • Being stuck in one place.
  • Having the same house forever.
  • Being in a career you hate.
  • Letting problems in your relationship keep you held back.

Look at these changes and make progress. Take one thing at a time that you want to change and make plans on doing it.

Family Time

Spend time with your family and your friends and eat meals together or have game nights. Never lose the connections that you have with your family and enjoy them while you have them.

You must learn to love yourself first if you ever want to find love. Life can be full of energy and excitement and you might find that you have a strong character in yourself and chances are that this happens because you love yourself more than others. Learn to be your own favorite person.

After learning to love yourself, you will see that you can change what love means to you and make it a positive thing. This will cause others to love you and admire you and will help you all in life.

People cannot often connect with loving themselves and they sometimes think that loving themselves means that they are obsessed with who they are but when you can love yourself, other people can love you too.

How can you expect someone to admire you when you do not love who you are? You are not less than others and you are not someone that doesn’t have confidence in what you do. Why can you think that loving yourself is strange or wrong when you have to find positivity in yourself to get over fear and to express who you are.

Learn to make yourself a priority because this is not selfish but makes you secure. There are some things you can do to discover who you are and how worthy you are. You will love yourself more and you will admire who you are. Practice these things and let your subconscious mind learn to love you back. Love yourself each day and you will see strong results.

Do not confuse loving yourself with greediness or selfishness, your meaning of love will change when you Learn to love yourself.

Learn to let love have no limits with you and learn to know who you are.

Here are some ways that you can practice self-love:

  • Write down what makes you feel bad about who you are.
  • Stop judging yourself negatively.
  • Learn to speak positively to yourself.
  • Practice positive affirmations.
  • Take time each day to state the good qualities that you have.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and state good things that you see.
  • Learn to love yourself despite your faults, everyone has them.
  • Do not expect others to love you.
  • Do not expect others to cause you to feel good about who you are.
  • Learn to love yourself in all situations.

You can practice loving yourself and you will see that you will feel better and that your life will be healthier.

Being in a good relationship with yourself will attract others to you that want to get to know you and want to see you being the best that you can be.

Have you ever gotten all dolled up for a date only to have your date not show up? This will automatically bring up negative feelings and thoughts in your mind. Maybe you have these feelings and you need something to change your mindset.

There are many people that feel lonely and they are wanting to learn to be happy alone. This is something that all people need to be reminded of. Over life you will see that there are many people that are alone, and the problem is that some people absolutely hate to be alone, but it will happen to each of us at one point or another.

We are often afraid of being without people in our lives such as our family or our friends, even our partner. We get stressed when we have to do things alone or go to places that we have never went. We sometimes get to the point where we feel that someone has to hold our hand in all the things we do.

We worry about what life holds for us and we think we are not strong enough to endure the idea of being alone and having to do things for ourselves.

Being worried about being alone is a natural feeling because most people are resistant to the idea of being by themselves. We often will try to deny the idea of being alone because it brings about stress and aggravation.

If we want to avoid being alone, we will talk to whoever we can, whenever we can, go on dates, plan nights out or even marry someone that is wrong for us just so we don’t have to be alone. We want people in our lives to fill the void that we have when we are alone and if we have no one, we spend time finding other ways to fill our lives such as buying stuff or eating junk food.

The great thing is that you can turn your life around. You have to learn to be open minded and allow your mind to be aware and to learn to accept that being alone is not so bad.

People sometimes look as being alone such as being in jail and the truth is that solitude can free us and can actually give us the opportunity to find ourselves and to grow.

Most people have to learn this the hard way and they go through feelings of fear and worry so much about being alone but when it finally happens, they learn that this can be freeing and good. They learn to know who they are and spend time doing things that make them happy.

Being alone is not scary and it can be something that is good and beautiful. Here are some things that can happen when you accept being alone:

Become Stronger

When you are alone you learn to realize that you are stronger than you know. It can be scary to be alone at first but when you learn that scary things can help us to grow, we realize that situations will come and go.

Sometimes there are things we have to have happen so that we can grow and even if this is hard for us, it is better than being stuck in a situation that is hard or unhealthy.

It is better to be alone and to learn to take care of yourself than it is to sit around and worry about someone hurting you or leaving you. You can rely on people here and there but for the most part you need to become stronger.

You have to learn to balance things in your life such as your finances. Learn how to open a bank account and teach yourself to manager your money. Become self-sufficient in all areas of your life.

If you are worried about defending yourself then you can just learn to avoid places or things that are dangerous, or you can learn self-defense. The more confident you feel alone, the stronger you will be.

No matter what kind of skills you are lacking, learn to get stronger in them. You will be moving in the right direction when you learn that being alone can teach you things and help you to find your way.

Relationships are Stronger

Being alone means you are more confident in yourself. You might not like being alone but if you have to have someone around you all the time then you will not be comfortable in your life or your relationships.

When you are codependent on other people your actions revolve around them and you do not realize who you are or what you need. When you think that there is always someone there to take care of you then you become in a place that is hard and hurtful to you.

You have to remember that being in a good relationship means that you are in one that does not hold you back. You do not owe anyone anything.

People will sometimes feel that they are entitled to be treated a certain way because they feel that they are owed something. If someone accepts the role of being a friend or partner, they feel that they deserve special treatment and that they are entitled to certain things.

If someone is in the role of a parent, they feel entitled to their children obeying them and respecting them. If someone accepts the role of being a customer, they will feel that they are entitled to the best service and to what they need.

The truth is that people are not entitled in life. A healthy relationship means that you try your best to make people happy but sometimes people put limitations on love.

They think that if someone loves them, they will change, or they will do what they say but that is unhealthy love and is not a place for truth and peace to come in but a place for codependency.

We have to learn to be self-sufficient. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and you can take care of you and not need other people.

Alone Versus Loneliness

Being alone doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely and being lonely does not ever mean you are alone. Some people can be with a bunch of people and feel all alone or lonely.

The problem is not being alone, but the problem is not fitting in to where you feel that even being around others does not allow you to fit in. When you choose your relationships well and you go with someone that is good company to you, you will not be alone.

If you feel lonely while you are with your partner, chances are you picked someone that was not meant for you and you might need to move forward.


When you do not have at account to others, you can make your own decisions. People will not always support the things you like or the goals you want to reach but you can follow your own heart and do your own things.

If your ideas are not someone else’s ideas, do them anyways. People are rarely wrong when they listen to their intuition. If things do not turn out how you hoped they would, at least you tried, and you learned from it.

You will know if your life is going down the right path because you will be excited for what your future holds.


The hardest thing that we face is our ego. We have a hard time accepting who we are and we often distract ourselves with things that are hurtful to our bodies such as drugs or alcohol so that we do not have to think for ourselves and we can be distracted.

Sometimes we will do whatever it takes so that we can stop ourselves from having to face the world. We will work too much or sleep too much or have affairs or exercise too much. Some people will do whatever they can to avoid being alone and they will hang out with anyone and do anything they can, so they do not have to face it.

It never matters if this is a positive or a negative thing because doing this will wear you down over time.

Each person is prone to addictive behaviors and these can include avoiding who we are. We have to learn to acknowledge who we are and that we have a problem. We have to learn to face our fears and our problems and learn that we can fit in with ourselves if we are just who we are meant to be.


Being alone can be a scary thing but it can also ultimately bring you joy in the end. You can learn to enjoy your life and learn to grow as time goes on.

You will learn who you are, and you can do things that will help you to avoid conflict and help you to grow.

Do things such as go out in nature, pick up a hobby or redecorate your home. You will figure out who you are, and you will see that you do not have to have the world’s approval to be a better person.

Enjoy your own life and enjoy spending time just being who you are. Figure out what you like to do when you are alone and embrace that. Learn to do new things and learn who you really are. You will find out who you are and where you belong when you give yourself a chance to grow and succeed.