Learn to Be More Thankful

What does it mean to be thankful for you? You should have peace when you think of gratefulness. Being thankful will bring you calmness and will help you to feel positive. There are things that you can do to help you be more thankful and as you practice gratefulness rituals, you will see that you can become one with the universe.

Gratitude Box

Gratitude boxes are easy to use, and they help you to remember to be more thankful. You can write down on a piece of paper something you are thankful for, and each day put it into the box. When you are having a bad day, pull out one of the papers that you wrote on and talk about how thankful you are for that thing.

You can find that when you feel upset or feel bad, the paper can help you to remember why you are thankful.

Thankful Game

This is a game where you can focus on what you can focus on what you are thankful for. Start to say a list of things that you appreciate in your life from something little like your bottle of water to something big like having a good job. Take turns saying things as you go around the room.

If you get stuck and you don’t have anything else to say, repeat something that you already said. Do this for at least five minutes and then see how you feel. You can even play this game alone or you can do it in a group. Sit in a circle and try to come up with 5 minutes of things you are thankful for.

Meditate and Use Positive Mantras

Mantras can be said to help you to be more positive. You can meditate and clear your mind and allow negativity to leave. Say, “I am thankful for the things I have in my life,” and then thank the universe for what it has given y out.

Thankfulness is just like building a muscle. As you try to be thankful for things that are good in your life you will be more mindful of these things, and you will feel better about your life.

Get a Tarot Card Reading

You can do your own reading, or you can see a psychic. You can also use oracle cards if you like those better. Here are some things you can ask:

  • What am I being blessed with?
  • What new things are coming my way that I will love?
  • What in my job am I thankful for.
  • How can I show my thankfulness?
  • How can I see positive in things that seem hard?
  • How can I create abundance in life?

By asking the tarot cards these questions you will see that you can have a new perspective on things that are going on in your life that are hard.

Create a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are great if you have chakras that are not balanced or that are blocked. You can choose crystals like green kyanite and rose quartz that will help you to open up your heart chakra and to bring love and peace into your life.

Moss agate should go in the center of your grid and then you can use other crystals that you need to make you stronger and to help you to be more thankful.


Journal your thoughts and things that you are thankful for each night. Do this so that you can go back and read it when you are feeling down. As you do this, you can use crystals that you can connect with that will balance you and bring you peace.

Try crystals like petrified wood or rose quartz. Do this before you go to bed and see that it can help you to even sleep better and to feel more encouraged in life.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can help you to feel grounded and can improve your life. Try some that are connected to the earth around you such as cedar or patchouli. Put these on your body or put them in a diffuser. Here are some that you can use:

• Ylang ylang.
• Frankincense.
• Sandalwood.
• Patchouli.

Get In Nature

Even if it is cold outside you can spend a few minutes out in nature. Go out and sit in the sun or look at the trees. Plant a garden and get your hands dirty in it. Leave your phone in the house and take time to really see the world around you. Listen to the birds, look at the different colors.

After you do this, you will be thankful for what the universe has to give you. Be kind to yourself and be thankful for what you have right in front of you.

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