When You Want to Give Up

People will sometimes feel like giving up in life, especially when things become hard or overwhelming. When you invest time in a relationship or a goal and you feel that it is not going to work out, you might find that you become sad and discouraged and you want to give up and quit.

Why Do We Do It?

Our brains are made so that when we want to give up, we can do it easily because we expect things should be instant. We do things so that we can have them happen when there is no delay and when we want something to happen, we want it now.

Our brains help to reward us when we get what we want now and this is something that was part of survival, even in the ancient times. When we were not getting what we wanted immediately, it brings about feelings of anxiousness and stress.

Giving up is something that can seem normal and if you have been disappointed because of a failure or a trial, you need to know that you need to keep pushing on.

Giving Up Early

Even though we want things to be given to us now, many people have worked for a long time and failed over and over again and right when they decided to give up, they were able to reach their goals. If they had chosen to give up instead of to keep pushing, they would have never succeeded.

People that own businesses or those that go after a business venture might feel that their ideas are worthless if they don’t work right away, but if they keep pushing, chances are they will see success. Even people such as Walt Disney have had to fail multiple times before his goal was reached.

If you give up now, you might miss out on something great happening to you.

What to Do When You Want to Give Up

There are some things that you can do and ways you can push yourself when you want to give up.

Where it Started

You need to take a minute when you are about to give up and think about the beginning of the project or the relationship or what ever you are trying to achieve and then look at you now. You will see that in the beginning things were easier, but you had to deal with harder things along the way.

If you give up and go back to the beginning, you will miss out on all the fight that you had throughout the situation and where you are now.  Take a minute to recall your purpose and to know what you are meant to be doing.

Why Give Up?

Take time out of your day to figure out why you are so overwhelmed and why you really want to give up. Is it because you are mentally or physically tired? Do you feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself or your family?  Do you not have others that are supporting you or do you feel that you are up against things that you cannot win against?

There are different reasons why people want to give up in life and you need to figure out what your issues are and learn to take care of them. Find out why you are feeling a certain way and learn to handle it before you give up.


Remember that you need to think about what the end result will and keep moving towards it. Don’t stop in the middle and keep going until you win.

Whenever you want to give up, remember how great it will feel when you are victorious in what you are trying to achieve and think about the times you have already fought so hard.


Before you decide to embark on anything, make sure that you have a written-out plan. Make a list or do a chart or draw up a blueprint. Whatever you do, make sure that you have a plan that you can look at when you feel that you are frustrated and done.

Have the plan always in the back of your mind and this will help you to keep pushing forward.


Find people in your life that will support you in what you want to do. Find co-workers or friends that you can talk to or talk to someone online that will help you when you feel like you have had enough.

There are many people that are struggling just like you are and all you have to do is find someone that can help keep you moving forward.


Be thankful for what you have already accomplished. Maybe you have been struggling lately but what about all of the good things that have come to you so far. Be thankful for these things and keep them in the back of your mind.

When you want to give up, make a list of things that you are thankful for and learn to change your thinking on the positive things instead of the negative things. You will see that this will make a difference in your thinking.


No matter how little the accomplishment is, take time to celebrate it. This will help you to feel like reaching further and progressing on in your outcome. You will see that you are working hard, and you are moving on the right path. Keep going until you reach the end.


Make sure that you put motivational quotes on your phone, on your desk or anywhere that you are that you need reminded about not giving up. This will give you a visual and something you can read out loud when you are feeling bad or low.

Remember to always stay motivated and to reach hard without quitting and you will see that you will eventually reach your goal.

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