July 21, 2022
Handle Constantly Thinking About Someone

You may be going about your day, and suddenly your special someone fills your thoughts.  It seems like they are suddenly everywhere.  On one hand, thinking of them may bring a smile to your face, but on the other you have important things to tackle.

You may be struggle with how to process what you are experiencing.  Although you wish you could directly tell them how you are feeling, that might not be possible.  You may worry that sharing your feelings will make you feel overly vulnerable and risk potential humiliation.  It is possible that you may create or further your relationship, but your feelings are so complex it is muddling your thinking.

Be okay with being scared about your feelings.  It can be difficult to share your thoughts with someone else, let alone the object of your affection.  You may have gotten use to being single and the independence it affords.  It can be difficult to learn how to share and compromise again.  You may want to explore love again, but only if you can assure success.  Therefore, you may be content to wait until they make the first move, this way you can avoid being hurt.

You protect yourself as much as possible, because love has not always come easily.  You learned love goes both ways.  You are committed to building a life with a person worthy of your time, trust, goals and affection.  You desire them to be as upfront with you as you expect to be with them.  Your feelings towards them can evolve from longing to love in the proper environment.

Thinking of someone occasionally signifies this person is important to you.  Perhaps they are your ideal partner.  You may enjoy a fulfilling love with them, maybe you will be dear friends, or perhaps you will part ways.  You need to be willing to open your heart to possibilities.  Don’t worry that thinking about them is unhealthy, your thoughts are valid and safe.  Thinking of someone is essential to understand what kind of role you want them to play in your life. Regardless if they return your attention and affections, you are able to maintain your quality of life.  In time, you can choose to forget them and chart a new course forward to love.

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