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Be Happy Being Alone

Have you ever gotten all dolled up for a date only to have your date not show up? This will automatically bring up negative feelings and thoughts in your mind. Maybe you have these feelings and you need something to change your mindset. There are many people that feel lonely and they are wanting to […]

When you Are Being Manipulative

Everyone has been manipulated at one time or another and no one wants to feel that they are manipulative to others. Some behaviors that people have are very common and some do not even realize it is manipulation. Maybe you use emotional coercion, and you don’t even realize it. The way that we communicate takes […]

What to Do When You Feel Broken

Everyone feels broken sometimes. Sometimes you will find yourself alone and crying and wanting to be alone where there are other times where loneliness will be the last thing you want. You will learn to know that you have to find who you are and your true self and without that, you are nothing. If […]

Becoming Emotionally Unstuck

Learning to focus on your inner being and your external being is what can help to make you holistic in your mind and body. You have to learn to have good eating habits and fitness. There are different areas in your life where you need to change, including your emotions. When you become stuck in […]

Finding Balance

Happiness does not have to do with things in life that we have but it has to do with how we can balance our harmony and our life energies. Attending classes such as yoga that can help you to find a steady balance can help you to stop worrying and struggling so much. When you […]

When Things are Hard

Life might be hard; you might have a hard time getting things started or see that you have worked extra hard for something, but you do not feel like you will ever see success. Maybe you are in school and you are in your last couple of weeks and you find that you are struggling […]