Mediocrity and the Travel Lifestyle

A certain personality type has caught my attention recently. To be perfectly honest, it’s been driving me crazy. Whenever I hear people discussing their insatiable urge to travel and to see the world before they start their real job or apply to graduate school, I want to set them straight. I’m a millennial. I’m sad […]

Compatibility and Astrology

The phrase “star-crossed lovers” has been used often throughout the centuries. But the questions remain the same: Is it really in the stars? Or is it just in your head? Hippocrates, Chaucer, and Shakespeare all seemed to acknowledge the concept of a predestined, inescapable, unalterable fate between two lovers, like a knot firmly tied by […]

Taking back your power

Sometimes we hear from our supportive friends that it is important to take back your power.  This may be power you have relinquished to relative or romantic partner. You probably didn’t even know you did it.  It is not uncommon.  This is not an exclusively female problem, even though it is very predominant among this […]

Hate Crimes and Personality Types

Dear Readers, Scenarios like this happen far too often: a gunman injures and murders multiple people just for being different from him. If the gunman survives, he’s often charged with a federal hate crime, defined by the FBI as a crime based on biases against something about the targeted victim, such as their race, religion, […]

Dear Toria 4 – He Complains About The Way She Does Laundry

My blog post today is an answer to an email sent by a reader. She wrote: Dear Toria, An interaction I had with my husband yesterday left me feeling especially upset. Both of us work stressful jobs; I’m a project manager, and he’s an accountant. We’re involved in our grown children’s lives, and we’re active […]

Dear Toria 3 – email sent by a reader

My blog post today is an answer to similar emails sent by several readers. They wrote: Dear Toria, I can’t my grandkids won’t be with me for Christmas. Why would their parents take them on a vacation now? Dear Toria, I want to skip my company’s holiday party. How can I get out of it? […]

Dear Toria 2 – email sent by a reader

Dear Toria, I feel bad about admitting this, but I argue with my brother about everything. We spent most of this past year fighting about whether we should sell our parents’ house or keep it for rental income. Our mother died a couple years ago, and we recently relocated our father to an assisted living […]