What to Do When You Feel Broken

Everyone feels broken sometimes. Sometimes you will find yourself alone and crying and wanting to be alone where there are other times where loneliness will be the last thing you want. You will learn to know that you have to find who you are and your true self and without that, you are nothing.

If you feel completely alone, chances are there will be grieving and mourning. This can come from a loss of someone you love or from heartbreak. You might be forced to pretend to be better, but you will see that you feel the same and that your life feels hopeless and alone.

Maybe you will lie to yourself and tell yourself that you can move forward. Maybe you will believe it.

You may go weeks and realize that you are dealing with a burden that is so heavy that you do not feel that you are strong enough to do it alone. There will be days where you feel so lonely and alone that you feel that you will never get those days back.

You will maybe realize that this is a different feeling than you ever had, and you are missing out on your life purpose and you are missing out on your happiness. You feel angry, short-tempered, and tired, you are depressed.

You finally tell yourself that you are not okay, and you realize that this is true.  You need to be set free and you need to realize that your uncomfortable feelings are taking over your life, making you feel vulnerable. You have to know that your emotions are there, and you have to face them.

You will want to believe that there is hope and even though you spent this week crying, next week you can reach the top and you can realize that you are beginning to heal. You have tears of sadness, but you also have tears of thankfulness.

You realize that you are not okay, and you allow yourself to accept this. Once you are able to be honest with your emotions, you can realize that you are able to appreciate who you are and accept yourself.

You will see that you can deal with your grief and that you do not need permission from others to express what you are feeling or to work through your feelings.

You are allowed to be who you are. You are allowed to be sad. You are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to be hurt.

You do not have to get better at a certain time. There is no time limit to how long your grief will last. You can become whole again when you learn to break first. Allow yourself to get out of your broken places and to become whole.

When you are faced with hard times in your life, it is okay to say that you are not okay. By doing this, you can learn to accept the truth and find a remedy in your life.

You can see that you can love who you are, and you can do this by facing your fears and your hurt head on. Do not let others tell you that you are not allowed to hurt.

You will thrive and do better when you allow yourself to go into a space that makes you love and care for yourself.

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