How to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

There will be people that come into your life and they will change your feelings and cause you to be stressed or feel bad about who you are. Chances are these people will make you lose your energy and make you wish that you hadn’t gotten out of bed that day.

These people are called energy vampires and they come in different forms in your life. This can be your co-worker that feels that everything is against her. She will tell you all of the ways that the world has done her wrong. Then there is the joker that makes themselves the center of all the attention and doesn’t let you have a say. The blamer is the person that blames everyone and makes them feel guilty for not even doing anything wrong.

The drama queen will tell you over and over what caused her to almost die or all the bad things that have happened to her in life.

No matter what kind of energy vampire you have come across, the truth is, you can walk away from them and not feel bad for it. Some of us have a hard time walking away because we don’t want to be rude or hurt people’s feelings.

There are ways you can end a conversation and leave it and still keep your energy before it is too late for you.


One of the best ways to learn about these people is to look for signs. If you feel stressed when someone walks into a room or you feel upset when they start talking, this is a sign to walk away. Maybe they call you and you get the same feelings. Do you get a headache or your chest tight?  Walk away from these people and get them out of your life.


When you start feeling your energy leave or begin to feel stressed, take a deep breath. Allow yourself to breathe deep because this can take energy to your center. Learn to deal with how you feel and to be patient with your feelings.

The minute an energy vampire comes into the room you will begin to get tense. Take time to breathe and to let your stress out before it gets too deep.


Use your positive energy to fight against energy vampires. Imagine that there is a shield of energy around you and protecting you from negativity. Do not allow anyone to enter that zone that is not invited. Get rid of negative feelings.


Everyone should have boundaries, and this should even be in your everyday life. If someone is stealing your energy, stay away from them. If they start trying to upset you or make you mad, do not react and just walk away. You can stay neutral and not be around someone that bothers you.

Take it Back

Take a step back and ask yourself why you are upset with this person. The energies that you attract to yourself can be good people or it can be angry people. Pay attention to who is around you and who is causing you to feel the way that you feel.

Learn to avoid these kind of people because energy vampires will quickly drain you from your joy and your peace.

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