Using Communication for a Happy Relationship

You have to stop caring less than what people want you to care about.  We take every problem on our shoulders because we want to see the world become a better place and we end up making ourselves stressed out and unhappy.  Here are some ways to free your mental load.

Care What You Think

There has to be a time when you begin to care about what you feel and what you think.  Stop letting everyone make decisions about you.  People want to judge you and you need to stop caring.  You can define who you are and so let people talk if it makes them happy.  Stop caring what everyone else thinks and care about what you think.


Everyone makes mistakes and messes up.  Life goes on and we learn.  Stop being so hard on yourself and accept that people mess up sometimes.  You have to be able to allow yourself room to make mistakes.  Learn to forgive yourself and what you do.


Everyone is afraid of failing and when you fail, what happens next depends on your attitude.  Do you think that you will be perfect?  Do you plan on being miserable if you make a mistake and giving up on yourself?  Be realistic and know that failing is a part of life but being a failure is when you give up.  Allow yourself a chance to mess up and move on.

Let it Go

People look at what they have and don’t have and sometimes they let it define who they are.  There has t o be a point where we learn to focus on the good things in our lives and get rid of the negative feelings and what we don’t have.  Why would you want to be down on yourself for things that you don’t have?  This kind of thinking will get you nowhere and you will always have less than what others have and you will also always have more than someone.

So What?

People can drive themselves crazy by worrying about what might happen in the future.  No one can tell you what your future holds and so there is no point in making yourself stressed over what you don’t know.  Things you think of may never come to pass so you have to stop worrying about everything.  Face worry when it is time to face it and otherwise, be happy.

Happy Thoughts

We have to learn to think happy thoughts in order to be happy.  If an even happens that causes unhappiness, then don’t waste your whole time worrying about it.  Learn to take the happy times and to make the most out of life.  Decide that you will be happy now and do it.

Forget the Regrets

We all have regrets, and this is part of life.  The past cannot be changed, and you have to look to the future for what is to come.  Have you learned something from your mistakes?  Try to take a positive approach to this and to learn from what you have messed up on, allow yourself to make mistakes.

Knowing Rejection

Most everyone knows about rejection and being intimate with someone always comes with risks of being rejected.  When you are out of your comfort zone, chances are you are being vulnerable, and you risk someone hurting you or rejecting you.  You cannot let the fear of rejection hold you back.  You have to be able to get over this fear and see if the outcome can be better than you hoped it would be.  Have thick skin and be brave and see where life takes you.


Don’t follow the expectations that everyone sets for you.  Be who you are and be happy with it.  Accept your faults and all the great things about yourself.  You don’t have to prove who you are to anyone.  Even though people and the media are always telling you who you should be, be who you are and don’t buy into the idea of perfection, no one is perfect.

We will never look perfect or be perfect and so you need to keep your sight on being loving and kind.  Let yourself and your imperfections shine.

Good Enough

It’s easy to feel that you are not good enough and that you don’t measure up to everyone else.  It is okay not to be the same as someone and to always be growing as to who you are.  It becomes unhealthy when you only can think of negative things about yourself and you feel that you aren’t good enough for anyone.

What really does being good enough mean?  What tells us what is good enough and what matters?

We all worry that we are not good enough but you have to remove the negative thoughts from your mindset and learn to be carefree and to love yourself.

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