Moving on After a Break-up

When you have a painful experience, you have to move forward and let it go at some point if you want to be healthy.  If you are in a relationship and it has ended and it dragged on too long, you will see that getting over these things are not easy.  You will bump into people in your past and you will feel the pain all over again.

How do you get rid of these feelings?  The best way to do it is to push them out of your life and figure out what direction you can go in to make you feel better and to move on.

Talking it Out

Maybe things have not been said that you want to say, and this is causing you to have even harder feelings than you should have.  Maybe these feelings are wrapped up in your relationships or non-relationships and you feel that time is passing by and things aren’t going how you hoped.

Maybe part of you wants to get back together with your ex and even though you know you won’t, you wonder if you will ever meet someone.  Maybe they will be different.


After you have lost a long and happy relationship, you will see that you can become burned out and upset.  You will see that sometimes you don’t shine and that you walk through life feeling sad and upset.

Talk to someone.  Let things come out of your mouth that you never expected to say.  Don’t hold back what you are feeling, instead, say it and let it all come out.  Don’t apologize for speaking what is on your mind.  This can help you.

Allow your emotions to come out and allow people to listen to you and hear what you are feeling.  Even if you are not over the relationship, talk about it.  Allow people to know that you are human and that you have feelings.

Don’t keep suffering when you can help yourself by putting yourself out there.


What happens if you bump into your ex after feeling emotional all day?  Do you want to cry, or do you want to scream?  Sometimes, you want to get rid of those feelings, get rid of the emotions that you cannot understand.

The mind will never understand what your heart is feeling.  Trying to understand what is happening to you and what you are feeling is hard.

Allow yourself to have emotions and to let your heart speak to you.  Let your personality be treasured and loved by others.

Instead of trying to stop your emotions, let yourself know that things are okay.

Loving Someone

Just because you love someone does not mean that it is good for you to be with them.  If your relationship did not work out, chances are it is unhealthy.

Your body is probably going to be good and your mind is what is the problem.  It has an idea that things should have stayed the same and that there shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.   Give in to your pain and allow yourself to admit that things worked out for a reason.


You can be full of sorrow but find happiness.  Once you go along and you see that things will be okay, embrace it.  Things don’t have to change just because of a new season.  You can keep going in the direction you are going in.


Make the decision to be free.  Allow yourself to put things behind you and to move on.  Allow yourself to transform who you are and get happy in your life.  Make the decision to move on.  Think about the idea of being happy.


Allow yourself to grieve and to be upset for five minutes.  After that time is up, move on and find something else to do with your day.  Ride a bike, go for a walk, call a friend.  Do something beyond what is going on inside of you.

Time is Up

It is time to get over the relationship.  Time is up for being sad and being angry.  The time is up for you to wallow in self-pity.  Time is up for you to be stuck where you were.  Emotional experiences that have happened to you have made you stronger and now is the time to be brave.

Make brave choices and allow new things to come in your life.  Be open to new possibilities.

Sit down, make friends, see what happens.  Give your heart and your mind a chance to heal and to start over in life, whatever that may look like.  Time us up to be sad, find happiness and the ending may surprise you.

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