How to start a new day on a clean slate

Below are ways you can start your day on a clean slate:

  1. Be grateful

This keeps you at the moment when you pay attention to something or someone. Regardless of what happens, you are grateful it happened. It keeps you in the now.

  1. Make a No “What Ifs” Rule

Doing away with what might hinder you from moving on. You might be thinking every time of what you should have done differently. Just know that you didn’t do anything and move on if you find yourself thinking a “what if”.

  1. Let your past make you stronger

You are likely to tell a story that doesn’t paint a flattering picture. Try thinking that your situation has a position of power.

  1. Get physical

Exercise, register for yoga or dancing classes. Your brain will be busy doing something other than focusing on your past if you choose an activity that needs you to focus or balance a sequence of motions.

  1. Have a to-do list

Having an everyday schedule hinders you from feeling ungrounded. You will not regret it if you have something that keeps you busy every day.

  1. Go outside

You can use nature to sweep away bad energies since it’s like a natural reset button. The chemical excretes when you receive fresh air and sunshine help to overcome the ones you release when you are sad or anxious.

  1. Happiness is a choice, do not forget that

You have the choice to be happy in every moment. Everything else can be taken away from you, but you have the freedom of choosing your attitude in any situation.

  1. Begin with affirmation

You will be more focused on the present and in the future if you start your day with thoughts like, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life” or “I’m excited about what today will bring”. Have a positive affirmation and say it before starting your day.

  1. End the day positively

Sleeping at night is not easy if you keep thinking about what could have happened. Count your blessings every day. It makes you wake up positively and start your day on a clean slate.

  1. Do not compare

Do not compare your life to those of others. Social media has a way of making us think our friends are better than us.

Life is not a competition. Where you at the moment is perfect for you, or else you wouldn’t be there.

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