How to bounce back from any setback

  1. Know when to leave the pity party

Know when to stop crying and move on. We all have off days, they don’t necessarily equate to off life.

  1. Do not listen to your pride, listen to your body

I tend to be slightly competitive so this is a tough one for me. However, it’s good to take some time off to regroup and rest. It doesn’t make you vulnerable but smart.

  1. Be around positive individuals

There are quite a number of friends who are waiting for your downfall. Be around those friends who will pick you up when you fall, they are the real deal.

  1. Spot the good in the bad

In this situation, while not feeling well, I still rode 55 miles. Is that what I wanted? No. am I able to improve? Yes.

  1. Meet yourself where you are

You won’t be the best version of yourself always. There will be days that you will be weak and others that you will be powerful. Know how to spot these differences and adjust well.

  1. Advice your inner critic to zip it

Recently, I heard a speaker saying that your thoughts can impact your brain’s ability to perform. So you need to speak to yourself as you would to someone you love. Be your own best friend.

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