Everyone feels broken sometimes. Sometimes you will find yourself alone and crying and wanting to be alone where there are other times where loneliness will be the last thing you want. You will learn to know that you have to find who you are and your true self and without that, you are nothing.

If you feel completely alone, chances are there will be grieving and mourning. This can come from a loss of someone you love or from heartbreak. You might be forced to pretend to be better, but you will see that you feel the same and that your life feels hopeless and alone.

Maybe you will lie to yourself and tell yourself that you can move forward. Maybe you will believe it.

You may go weeks and realize that you are dealing with a burden that is so heavy that you do not feel that you are strong enough to do it alone. There will be days where you feel so lonely and alone that you feel that you will never get those days back.

You will maybe realize that this is a different feeling than you ever had, and you are missing out on your life purpose and you are missing out on your happiness. You feel angry, short-tempered, and tired, you are depressed.

You finally tell yourself that you are not okay, and you realize that this is true.  You need to be set free and you need to realize that your uncomfortable feelings are taking over your life, making you feel vulnerable. You have to know that your emotions are there, and you have to face them.

You will want to believe that there is hope and even though you spent this week crying, next week you can reach the top and you can realize that you are beginning to heal. You have tears of sadness, but you also have tears of thankfulness.

You realize that you are not okay, and you allow yourself to accept this. Once you are able to be honest with your emotions, you can realize that you are able to appreciate who you are and accept yourself.

You will see that you can deal with your grief and that you do not need permission from others to express what you are feeling or to work through your feelings.

You are allowed to be who you are. You are allowed to be sad. You are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to be hurt.

You do not have to get better at a certain time. There is no time limit to how long your grief will last. You can become whole again when you learn to break first. Allow yourself to get out of your broken places and to become whole.

When you are faced with hard times in your life, it is okay to say that you are not okay. By doing this, you can learn to accept the truth and find a remedy in your life.

You can see that you can love who you are, and you can do this by facing your fears and your hurt head on. Do not let others tell you that you are not allowed to hurt.

You will thrive and do better when you allow yourself to go into a space that makes you love and care for yourself.

Are you one of those people that love to be alone or do you find yourself hating being isolated or alone from others?

Some believe that it is bad to be alone and put a negative context to it like someone who is antisocial or someone that does not want to be loved.

Even though we are all going through something with the COVID-19, the truth is, that during this time, it can be a time of reflection instead of stress. We might be in a situation where we cannot be with our friends or family members and this might be painful for you.

The truth is, this is not a bad thing for you because there are some things that can happen when you are alone. This does not mean that you should always be alone like the Grinch because you need to have relationships with other people, but there are some positive things that can happen while you are alone.


When you are always around other people you will have their energy always surrounding you. Maybe you are always faced with trying to please everyone and you are always forgetting about yourself. You might need to make them feel good about who they are or to try to figure out why they are sad or upset. All of this seems regular when you are with people.

All of these things can drain you a cause you stress. While you are alone during this time, take time to replenish your life and recharge. Take a break from the strong emotions and relax.


Look at where you are in life. People hardly have a time to sit down and think about these things.

Being alone means you have time to think about the positive things in your life. Take time to reflect and to think about the good thing’s life has given you. Focus on your heart and your mind and the positive things you bring to the table.


Take time to understand your own emotions. You are always trying to understand everyone else’s, now take time to understand yours. Learn to be in control of who you are.

Enjoy taking time to be alone so that you can see your life from a different perspective. Enjoy your understanding and find happiness.

Pay attention on how to control your emotions and know that this can bring you peace and joy.

Things You Love

When you are always with other people you make compromises for what you want so that everyone else can be happy. When you are alone, you can take time to do things you like.

Enjoy your time alone and find things to do that you have been wanting to do.


When we are always around others, we are busy, and we are taking care of company or our job. While you have time to be alone, get things done that are important to you.

This can be a time where you have little distractions. Get into your work and get finished.


Being away from people can make you realize how much you miss them. You will learn to enjoy the relationships that you have with other people even more than you did before.

Spending time apart helps you to appreciate them more and helps you to make those bonds stronger.


Once you learn to be alone you will realize that you can be independent and that you are strong. You will stop being stressed and feel that you can take care of your own needs.

You will stop feeling like you need to constantly be with others so that you can be happy.

Keeping Them Happy

We all have relationships and we want our relationships to be good and to last. We want people in our lives to be happy. This is in each kind of relationship that you have rather it is romantic or a friendship.

When you have alone time, you are the only person that has to be happy. You will be able to figure out what makes you happy and what gives you peace.


Being alone means that you do not have to apologize for not doing things or for doing things wrong. You will not have to worry about getting people upset or hurting someone’s feelings.

When you are alone, you will not have to apologize for what you do. You can stop guessing what everyone wants out of you and you can love your life.


Another great thing about being alone means that you do not have to have the approval of other people. You don’t have to have their advice or ask them what they think.

There will be times when you need to ask someone for advice and get answers from others, but when you are having alone time, you can learn to trust yourself more.

You had a great time the night before, a fun day full of laughter and what you thought was love and then now all of a sudden, its been hours since you heard from him, maybe even days. These feelings you have are taking over your senses and you feel broken and hurt.

Have you ever been in that situation? Where you care so much about someone, but they are not returning the love that you are giving them? Do you feel that you are not worthy of love because no one you care about seems to love you back?

What do you do when you are in this state of feeling and mindset? The truth is time really does heal. Even when we hate hearing those words, and the pain feels so great, we can pull through. We have to allow time to help us and to heal us and to take away the pain and let us move forward in life.

Inside of all of us, we want to have peace and love in our lives. We want to be connected with people that love us back and people that want to be close to us.

We want to get rid of those memories of the people that have hurt us who made us lose sight of what peace and love really was. The truth is love and peace does exist, and you will find it.

Remove Reminders

Even if you cannot get rid of everything that reminds you of someone you love, the truth is that you can get rid of things that you see everyday that reminds you of this person. Get rid of pictures or texts that they have sent you and remove them from your social media. Delete their phone number and stay away from them.

Nothing seems to be more painful than looking at the person you love, and their social media is of pictures of them and someone else that brings them happiness.


One of the hardest things to do when you are upset is to be thankful. Maybe you have had these feelings for some time now and you are not able to look at your life from a perspective of peace, but you keep feeling doom and gloom.

You need to learn to be thankful for what you have. Write down things you are thankful for and say them to yourself. Repeat them when you are sitting down and when you are able to focus on good things.

Let go of your attachments and focus on what you have and good things that happen to your life.


No matter if someone likes you back or not or if your heart is broken, you should be able to express what you are feeling. Expressing your feeling can help you to get rid of the pain in your heart.

Being in a relationship where you have one sided love can cause you to have pain and anger. When you have these feelings, find someone that you trust and tell them about what you are feeling. This will help you to have closure and help you to move forward.

Talk about your feelings calmly and express what you are feeling. Then, after you talk about your feelings, call the person that has hurt you and express your feelings to them. Let them tell you how they feel too and accept their feelings. Release your feelings and find hope that you have been lacking.