Ignoring Mr. Wrong

Do you need to know how to ignore guys that you aren’t interested in?  Do you fall for the wrong guy but have to walk away?  It is easier to talk about than to do it.  There are ways you can ignore Mr. Wrong.


If you ignore you or treats you bad then you need to get rid of him.  Tell yourself that you need to not be treated like that.  If he is mean, he isn’t the right guy for you.

Sometimes you need to just ignore him and go your own way.  Walk away and find someone else.

Keep Cool

Control yourself when he comes to you and don’t be rude to him but let him down easy.  Say just a few words so you don’t attach to him and send him on his way.

Have different schedules when you have to be around each other and hang out with your friends more and tell them you don’t want to see him anymore.  They will be on your side.

Ignore him and the feelings that you had for him.  Try new things and stay busy.

Tune Him Out

When he comes around, pretend he isn’t there.  Don’t let him comment to you and get on your nerves or you will lose it.

Tell yourself that you are making a good decision to let him go.  You will be better off without him.

Pay Attention

Make sure you pay attention to your happiness and if he doesn’t bring you happiness then walk away from him before it is too late.


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