Everyone agrees it is a good thing to have positive self-esteem. You take on new projects, have a renewed enthusiasm, have more inner stability, and create opportunities for all the good things life brings.  You’ll be happier and more attractive to romantic interests.

But how do you get there?

There are some things you can do right now to improve your self-esteem. It’s not magic, but putting a little time into the work will have positive results in your life.

Here are 10 things you can do to improve your self-esteem:

  1. Put your inner critic in time out.

All of us have that inner voice that will tell us everything we’re doing is wrong. While sometimes that voice can stop you from making a big mistake, there are other times it is just flat-out destructive. Stop it before it gets too far into your mind. Remind yourself you will not listen to this voice and follow up that thought with a positive one.

For instance, if your inner view tells you are ugly, repeat out loud that you are a beautiful person inside and out. Keep saying it until you believe it.

  1. Set goals.

These aren’t necessary career or relationship goals but life goals. List out things you would like to do and set out to do them. Whether it’s learning pottery or taking a trip, you can find ways to work what you love into your life. Your confidence will grow as you achieve each goal.

  1. Take time to appreciate yourself.

Take a couple of minutes every day to reflect on your positive qualities. You should name three things that you like about yourself. They can be how you did something that day or some character qualities you possess. It’s okay to talk about your good qualities. Many people think that is not being humble, but recognizing your positive attributes is being real in an honest way.

  1. Do the right thing.

Doing the right thing, even when others aren’t looking, will build your self-esteem because you will appreciate the character you’ve shown. This way, even if others come against you, you can stand tall knowing that you have good character traits even if they don’t see them.

  1. End perfectionism.

Many people feel they have to be perfect to be worthy. You don’t! You were created worthy! Listening to your own perfectionist opinions will paralyze you and make you feel like you will never measure up. Sometimes good is good enough.

  1. Handle failures with grace.

Everyone makes mistakes but those who deny them and will not make the right aren’t people most want to be around. Those who own up to their failures, learn from them, and move on will do well in life.

There is no disgrace in failure. The only disgrace is in not getting back up after a failure. You can take pride in yourself that you overcame whatever mistakes or failings you’ve had.

  1. Accept others with kindness and grace.

Just as you are learning to accept yourself and all your flaws, all for that acceptance in other people too. As you learn that everyone is human, you will also learn that when you offer grace to others, you will find more for yourself.

  1. Take on something challenging.

It is always good to stretch our limitations and get out of our comfort zones. It makes us feel great when we accomplish something we didn’t know we could do. That could be running a marathon, rock climbing a wall, or learning a new language. Make it something you always want to do but are always afraid to try. You’ll love yourself for it!

  1. Quit comparing yourself to others.

This is one of the worst traps you can get into. First, no one is perfect. Second, many times the image others project isn’t realistic. Whether it is a picture of a magazine, that is likely photoshopped, or what they post on social media, an image can be different from reality. Remember, you have no idea what they are like at home or what they are going through.

If you remember these 10 tips and apply them, you will find that you are a pretty nice person to be with! Learning about yourself and learning to appreciate yourself will make you happier as well as gain you friends and opportunities.

People never tend to be sure where they lose themselves and what experiences that they have that cause them to feel lost or confused.  We have ups and downs and we forget to take time to be mindful of ourselves.  We forget to connect to ourselves and our universe and so we lack spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We find activities that help us to live a happy life but life and careers and hard work get int the way and we get caught up in things until we get to the point where we forget who we are and find that we feel empty and alone.

This is very common and there are a lot of reasons we can feel that way including the changes of life such as moving, getting a new career or even having a baby.  This draws your way from concentrating on who you are.

A new baby will be something that will take your attention and you find you aren’t sleeping or even feeling like you have time to breath.  You have a great life and your baby is beautiful, but you give up who you are because it is so cute.  You will notice that you will work hard, and it will take a long time to be yourself again.

If you stay at home and be a mom, you might later begin to feel empty.  You might feel that you have ignored your own needs and not really know who you are anymore.  Maybe you have been there for someone and now you don’t know if you are stuck or lost or if you are separate than who you sued to be.

Maybe you take care of your mom or dad or you are a housewife and take care of your family and you feel that you are always working on autopilot and you forget what normal is.


It is normal to realize that you are lost and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to figure out who you are again.

Take moments each day to focus on yourself.  Do this by meditating and by having inner peace.  Use essential oils and other tools to open up your heart and your mind.

Find things to read and activities that allow you to be who you want to be. Take times to rediscover who you are.  Find yourself and have inner peace and realize that changes are worth it as long as they make you shine.

Learn to follow roads that are different than what you are used to doing.  Find actions that pull you in different directions and take your journey and start with your inner self and find out who you are in truth.

Find online blogs to read and inspirational books that can take you on different courses of life.  The great thing about this journey is that you can find out who you are all while you enjoy the path.

Take a time and figure out what you want, map out your life and your goals and find out what challenges you have.

Your challenges are things that you will want to explore and that you will want to take time to experience.  You can learn to enjoy the process of life and learn to find a way to get out of the way and get into your self and figure out who you are.

Above all, find happiness and peace along your journey.